EQ+iQ’s third year kicks off with another 12-month contract signed with Addison Lee and work with two other clients, looking at Mobility as a Service, understanding the UK market and driving mobility innovation.

Having helped Addison Lee to secure two part-funded Government projects last year (two out of three projects chosen from a short list of eight), Catherine is now working to mobilise the teams on each project. Both of these, Apollo21 and ServCity, are due to start in Spring 2019 and will conduct ground-breaking real-world passenger pilots around London. This is a significant step forward from previous initiatives, which have either sought to test AV technology (eg DRIVEN) or to carry passengers in controlled environments (eg GATEway). Apollo21 and ServCity will be the UK’s first pilots of AV passenger services on public roads. This is an incredibly exciting time in the world of mobility and it’s an utter privilege to be this close to the action!

Apollo 21

This £15m initiative is being led by Addison Lee and will work towards filling mobility gaps between people’s homes and public transport hubs. It will focus on Greenwich, where the recent MERGE Greenwich project revealed significant transport ‘black spots’: locations where residents currently have to rely on infrequent, lengthy (or even non-existent) bus routes to get to, for example, North Greenwich tube station for their onward journey to work. Their alternative, which many choose, is to use a private car – leading to excessive congestion and environmental pollution.

One of the consortium partners is DG Cities, whose work proved invaluable in compiling the MERGE Greenwich report into AV ride-sharing; they will be an important contributor to the service design on Apollo21 to ensure new solutions are beneficial from a city perspective.

This project will operate a fleet of 15 autonomous vehicles during the pilot, which will take place in 2020.


Addison Lee is supporting lead partner Jaguar Land Rover in this £19m project, which will target private car owners in selected ‘up-market’ areas of London, with the intention of creating a premium AV ride-sharing service. The ambition is to appeal to residents and persuade them to leave their cars at home for journeys within the city.

This pilot will involve six specially-equipped vehicles and extensive customer research to understand what it takes to deliver a premium experience with an autonomous service.

Apollo 21 and ServCity both aim to conclude with the launch of a commercial passenger service in 2021, provided that many criteria – not least a positive impact on congestion – are met along the way. Catherine will continue to oversee them both, as well as helping Addison Lee with other innovative projects during the year – more on these to follow in the coming months.

One thing is sure – 2019 is shaping up to be a very exciting year!