Catherine Hutt

Empathy, emotions, trust, relationships and people are all too often overlooked in project management and consultancy. For us, project success isn’t just about quality thinking (iQ), but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) too.


That’s why Catherine Hutt started EQ+iQ in 2016. Catherine has spent more than 10 years working in project management and consulting – both in-house and externally.


From start-ups to small & medium-sized enterprises, not for profit organisations and trade associations right up to the sixth largest company in the world – BP – Catherine has learned first-hand the importance of understanding and engaging with people.


Throughout this time, extensive international experience in the US, Russia, Australia, France, Spain and on home turf in the UK added another dimension to her understanding, bringing an appreciation of different cultures and a grasp of the importance of relationships and people to project success.


Much of Catherine’s previous work focused on the automotive industry, including work for: the industry trade body, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT); electric vehicle manufacturer Modec; and specialist market research & consultancy (Frost & Sullivan). And while Catherine specialises in the automotive sector, her broad range of experience and the high level at which she has worked for corporations big and small means she is well-placed to help deliver a variety of projects.


Catherine holds a Bachelors degree in International Management & French from the University of Bath and an MBA (focusing on Leadership, Strategy and Operations) from the Cranfield School of Management. She speaks fluent French, loves to travel and is pretty fascinated by psychology.



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