This week I was honoured to receive public recognition of my work in the mobility sector.

A former colleague nominated me for the 2019 Autocar 100 Great British Women awards, which celebrate the UK’s female rising stars of the automotive industry. The event and awards ceremony, held on 19 June in central London (coincidentally co-sponsored by one of my previous employers, SMMT!) featured some incredibly inspirational speakers including tennis coach Judy Murray and Laura Schwab of Aston Martin.

Around 300 nominations were whittled down to the final 100, covering nine traditional sectors – purchasing, sales, marketing, PR & communications, operations, people development, manufacturing, vehicle development and aftersales & workshop.

But there were also two new categories this year, designed to celebrate and encourage the next generation of automotive talent  – New Mobility & Digital Solutions and Apprentices. I was thrilled to be named as one of the ten winners in the Mobility category. Autocar’s synopsis of my achievements appears at the bottom of the page.

Quite apart from feeling hugely proud, I garnered some real nuggets of inspiration from the keynote speakers. Here are my Top 5:

  1. The key to success is to be yourself, in an environment where you are comfortable
  2. Downtime is key to uptime – making time to enjoy life away from work is crucial for you, those around you at home and the rest of your team
  3. Don’t do overhead activity, do what’s valuable and go home
  4. Be the change you want to see (Ghandi) and model the way for change
  5. Be respectful – don’t ever go home regretting how you interacted with someone that day

I’m thrilled to have been recognised for the work I do in this new area of the automotive industry and I look forward, over the next decade, to contributing towards turning today’s niche elements into tomorrow’s mainstream. I’d like to encourage other young women to consider Mobility as an exciting part of the automotive industry – a valuable alternative to the traditional streams recognised by the Autocar/SMMT awards up to this year. Next year, let’s hope there will be winners in the Mobility category who will qualify for the overall top award!

This achievement has also caused me to reflect on my career to date and the many, many people who have guided, supported and inspired me along the way. They are simply too numerous to list here by name but you know who you are and I hope you know how deeply thankful I am for all you have done for me. I also want to thank all those who responded to the announcement of the Award on LinkedIn, with comments such as ‘well deserved’. It means a great deal to me to know the job I’m doing, and enjoying so much, is making a real impact.


Here’s what Autocar said on the Awards web site:

Catherine Hutt, Addison Lee Group and EQ+iQ

Mobility Innovation Lead – mVentures

Age: 36

Catherine’s start in the motor industry came in 2006 when she landed a job as marketing manager for electric commercial vehicle maker Modec. She stayed in the field of automotive innovation and set up EQ+iQ in 2016 to became an independent mobility strategy consultant. Her major focus is leading the mobility innovation arm of private hire firm Addison Lee Group, a division it calls mVentures. There she focuses on five areas expected to grow hugely: electrification, autonomous vehicles, new business models, connected cars and big data and recently co-authored two successful bids for CAV4 (connected and autonomous vehicles, round 4) government-funded projects worth £35m, that will see Addison Lee trialling autonomous vehicles. To win those projects Hutt drew on her experience leading the MERGE Greenwich consortium, which simulated how autonomous vehicle ride-sharing could integrate with public transport systems.