It’s EQ+iQ’s second birthday this month, which makes it a perfect time to reflect on another thoroughly rewarding, exciting and fulfilling year.

The highlight of 2018 was undoubtedly the super-successful conclusion in July of the MERGE Greenwich project. Its final report summarised the potential impact of AV ride-sharing services on cities, businesses and customers. The lead for this project, our client Addison Lee, was overwhelmed by the positive response it received from UK Government and industry, which has led to a significant number of further projects with a variety of partners.

As a result of successfully delivering MERGE Greenwich, Addison Lee asked EQ+iQ to stay on and co-ordinate two more Government bids and both projects got the thumbs up for funding in November. This puts Addison Lee in an incredibly strong position to make phenomenal progress in the next couple of years and compete with the global technology giants. We’ll be sure to leverage the lessons we learned about consortium working during the MERGE Greenwich project in order to successfully deliver these two high profile projects, which have a combined value of £35m.

In addition to project delivery, I had the privilege of speaking at a number of conferences during the year, including:

    • representing Addison Lee on a Government Transport Select Committee inquiry into Mobility as a Service in May
    • the Self-Driving Car Meet Up, where I spoke about the Pace of Change and why I believe AVs will become a reality sooner than most people think
    • the international Smarter Transport LIVE! event in Liverpool in October, where I chaired a session called Making MaaS real: what needs to happen?
    • The Telegraph’s Smart Mobility Summit, where I hosted a ‘fireside’ chat with the MERGE Greenwich consortium to share our findings and the lessons we learnt

2019 will kick off with more work with Addison Lee and two smaller pieces of work with other organisations who have called on our expertise to guide them as they develop their mobility strategy in the UK. More news on these in the new year . . .

For now, all that remains for me to say is an enormous and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to my clients, colleagues, collaborators and contributors. Without you, EQ+iQ would be just a pipe dream; instead it’s a dream job which I get to enjoy every day of the week.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive break and I look forward to working with some of you on some incredibly exciting projects in 2019.