EQ+iQ is very proud to announce a partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation which will support its MaaS (Mobility as a Service) research in the UK.

Working with a team mostly based at Mitsubishi Corporation’s head office in Japan, Catherine will be helping the global giant understand how MaaS is likely to work in the UK. Her 13+ years in the mobility industry mean she is able to guide them through traditional market reports and explain the nuances, cultural and regional tendencies and less tangible aspects of the market. She is also drawing on her extensive network and knowledge of key players to introduce Mitsubishi Corporation to potential partners around the UK. The final aspect of this work is advising on particular locations which might be suitable for running MaaS pilot schemes.

Catherine believes that, with its impressive portfolio including core skills in automotive, finance and infrastructure, Mitsubishi Corporation is in an ideal place to have a significant impact on the MaaS market, and it is a genuine pleasure to be working with them on the UK opportunity.

If you are interested in a MaaS partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, please email Catherine@eqplusiq.com